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Mercodia AKURIO Multiplex Islet Hormones



The Mercodia AKURIO Islet Hormones assay enables simultaneous detection and quantification of glucagon, insulin, C-peptide and proinsulin in the same sample.

The multiplex assay is an excellent tool for evaluation of pancreatic islet cell function and metabolic status. Studying the ratios of these biomarkers adds to the understanding of the complex relationships between the most important hormones secreted from the pancreatic islets. 

Please observe that a a new plate imager purchase may be needed. During assay validation at Mercodia, the Q-View Imager Pro from Quansys Biosciences was used for detection. 

Assay available only in the US. 


  • Multiplex with the accuracy of ELISA
  • 25 μL sample volume
  • Measures 4 analytes in the same sample at the same time
  • Highly specific measurements
  • Convenient method without clogging fluidics

Learn more about the technology here. 

Intended use

The intended use for the Mercodia AKURIO Multiplex Islet Hormones assay is to measure the human pancreatic islet hormones, glucagon, insulin, c-peptide and proinsulin in plasma and cell culture medium.

Measurement range

Glucagon 1.4 - 135 pmol/L, Insulin 1.5 - 200 mU/L, C-peptide 82 - 2800 pmol/L, Proinsulin 0.8 - 130 pmol/L

Product sheet

1498740605_32-4252 PS Akurio Multiplex v1.0.pdf
Mercodia AKURIO Multiplex Islet Hormones
1x96 wells
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