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OCT 5TH, 2017

Mercodia AKURIO Multiplex used in a recently published article

The Mercodia Akurio Multiplex has been used to evaluate the function of the differentiated beta-cells before (in vitro) and after (in vivo) transplantation into a diabetic mouse model. 

SEP 27TH, 2017

Dog fibroblasts transformed into insulin producing cells

What yesterday was pure science fiction has now become empirical science, when a research group from the University of Milan in Italy has proven that dog skin fibroblasts can be transformed into insulin producing cells.

SEP 1ST, 2017

Mercodia Webinar: Dr. Kenneth Cusi

Mercodia invites you to a free webinar: NAFLD & NASH: Links to Obesity & Diabetes. During this webinar, one of the foremost experts, Dr. Kenneth Cusi, will discuss the pathophysiology of NAFLD, with particular focus on links to obesity and diabetes. Click here to see the webinar

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Mercodia @Mercodia Oct 3rd, 2017
Hearty Breakfast, Healthy Heart: Study Proves Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

AUG 29TH, 2017

Mercodia Awards

Every year Mercodia celebrate our distributors who've acheived great success. This year, three Mercodia distributors received awards for their efforts: Funakoshi Co. Ltd., Japan, Jiyuan Biotech Co. Ltd., China and D.B.A. Srl., Italia

White paper: Glucagon Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

Glucagon is dysregulated in all forms of diabetes and many of the most efficacious treatments (including bariatric surgery) affect this critical glucose regulator. Read more in our new white paper.


Mercodia Newsletters

Each year Mercodia sends out newsletters to our customers regarding Mercodia and news regarding research in the fields of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. If you've missed them, here's another chance to read them.

Mercodia Bioanalytical Service

Mercodia's Bioanalytical Service provides you with the experience, quality and reliability that are fundamental to a productive partnership. Our experienced team of managers, scientists, technicians and regulatory resources will support you in everything from study design to sample handling. We follow the most recent international guidelines and industry standard white papers for bioanalytical method development and validation.

Our combined expertise will ensure that your studies of PK, PD and biomarkers are performed with the highest possible measurement quality, enabling you to make informed decisions based on accurate bioanalytical data. We are highly flexible in the transfer of data in different formats, to meet individual sponsor needs. 


NEW WHITE PAPER on GLUCAGON MEASUREMENT Addressing Long-Standing Analytical Challenges



  • What technical aspects of commercial glucagon assays have prevented them from meeting scientists’ needs? 
  • Are there analytical solutions available to meet those needs?



Exploring Frontiers in Translational Research
Learn about scientific advances that lead to a better understanding of diseases and therapies. Interviews with scientists and clinicians will provide you with cutting-edge information, coming directly from the source.  Explore topics ranging from drug discovery and new FDA regulations to novel approaches to metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes and heart disease).


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