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September 24, 2018

Anneli Palm new chairman of the board

Mercodia, an Uppsala, Sweden based immunoassay company announced today the appointment of Anneli Palm as the new chairman of the board. Anneli Palm has been a member of the board since 2009 and replaces her father, Erling Holmlund as chairman.

Mercodia was founded by Erling Holmlund in 1991 and has since provided clinical laboratories, universities and life science companies with high quality ELISAs for the measurement of biomarkers in the areas of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Today, the company serves a global market of over 100 countries and also offers bioanalytical services.

While Erling Holmlund built the company based on his solid knowhow in R&D, Anneli Palm brings to the company her skills as an administrator and her passion for a strong and healthy company culture.

“Now that Mercodia has over 80 employees, people sometimes tell me that we no longer can be a small and intimate company, but with the right mindset I think it is possible. All parts of the business from R&D, marketing and sales to production are still under the same roof, at our location in Uppsala. This allows for everyone to know one another and for shorter decision paths, making product development so much easier.”

At the same as Anneli Palm takes over as chairman, Bertil Ahlqvist steps up as board member, replacing Anders Lönnqvist.

“The new board will continue developing the company towards maintain its position as a leading manufacturer of laboratory tests and provider of bioanalytical services. It is important for us to be in the front edge of research and to have a good relationship with researchers within our fields and to be responsive to our customers´ needs.” Anneli Palm concludes.

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