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Mercodia High Range Porcine Insulin ELISA 

  •  No sample dilution required.
  •  A method for the direct quantitative determination of high porcine insulin levels.
  •  Assay range 2.5 – 75 µg/l
  •  Sample volyme 10 µl
  •  For further features click on this link: Mercodia High Range Porcine Insulin ELISA



05/05/14 Combining two technologies may increase the effectiveness of oral insulin

04/10/14 Supplemental diets for cows benefit their performance

04/01/14 Mercodia announces collaboration with Chongqing Zhongyuan Biotechnology Co in China

03/20/14 Blocking Ca-ion flow alleviates hypoxia-induced damage to beta cells

03/10/14 NEW – Mercodia Launches Rat Glicentin ELISA

02/27/14 Glucagon WEBINAR with Professor Jens Juul Holst

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