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Insulin Standardization Program

Mercodia successfully participated in the Insulin Standardization Program

Crucial for diabetes research as well as for diabetes classification and management is an agreement between insulin assays. Harmonization between insulin methods allows comparison of insulin concentrations, measured in separate laboratories, and collection of data from different studies. However, Robbins et al. (Diabetes 45:242-245) reported in 1996 the infeasibility in comparing insulin data between laboratories, due to an inconsistency in insulin concentrations determined by different methods. The Insulin Standardization Work Group was established to develop a standardization program to achieve agreement between commercially available insulin immunoassays. Miller et al. (Clin Chem, epub March 2009) presents the results from the evaluation of 10 insulin methods from 9 manufacturers. Based on the error model used, the Mercodia Insulin ELISA together with the insulin assay from Roche satisfied the total error requirements.

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