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Leptin comparison report

Correlation and agreement between commercially available leptin assays

In order to study the correlation and overall agreement of the Mercodia Leptin ELISA with other available leptin assays, a collection of human serum samples were run in parallel in the Mercodia assay, 3 other commercially available ELISA assays (ELISA A, ELISA, B and ELISA C) and one RIA assay. The Mercodia Leptin ELISA, leptin ELISA A and leptin ELISA B are all sandwich assays based on mouse monoclonal antibodies. The leptin ELISA C is a sandwich assay based on polyclonal antibodies and the RIA assay is a competitive assay based on a polyclonal antibody.
Scatter plots were used to show the degree of agreement between the results from the Mercodia ELISA assay and the other leptin assays compared.
Difference plots were used to visualize the differences between the Mercodia Leptin ELISA and the other leptin assays compared.
A high correlation and agreement was found between Mercodia Leptin ELISA and the leptin assays ELISA A and ELISA B. Weak bias functions indicate only small differences in assay calibration or an error introduced from preparing calibrators from lyophilized antigen stocks in ELISA A and ELISA B (e.g. dilution errors). The correlation between the Mercodia Leptin ELISA and the leptin ELISA C and the RIA assay is tolerable. However, large bias functions indicate sample specific differences that may arise from differences in cross-reacting or interfering substances between the assays. The negative bias for the RIA assay indicates a calibration bias compared to the Mercodia Leptin ELISA.
To minimize assay and handling errors, the Mercodia leptin ELISA…
…is validated for cross reactivity and interfering substances.
…is calibrated against an international reference preparation.
…uses well-characterized monoclonal antibodies.
…uses ready-to-use reagents.

To read the entire report please click on the Leptin comparison report

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