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Fast accurate analysis of human insulin

The Insulin Pre-Transplantation ELISA from Mercodia is specifically developed for fast and accurate analysis of human insulin in culture media!

Due to requests from our customers, we have produced this application to the Mercodia Insulin ELISA that has a shorter incubation time (15 min + 15 min) than the regular insulin kit, making it the perfect solution for the accurate measurement of insulin in media from isolated human islets during time critical pre-transplantation.

The Mercodia IPT ELISA is an application based on the Mercodia Insulin ELISA. The Insulin Pre-Transplantation ELISA (10-1222-01) has been specifically developed for fast and accurate analysis of human insulin in culture media.

Islet cell transplantation has become a viable alternative to insulin treatment or whole-pancreas organ transplantation for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus.

The introduction of the Edmonton protocol in 1999 has shown that islet quality and islet mass together with novel immunosuppressive regimen is crucial for the clinical outcome of this procedure. Thus, assessment of insulin secretion from donor islets is an important step during pre-transplantation.

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