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New High Range Porcine Insulin ELISA

No need for high dilution steps!

Mercodia High Range Porcine Insulin Application Kit provides a method for the direct quantitative determination of high porcine insulin levels, without the need for high dilution of sample.

Mercodia High Range Porcine Insulin Application Kit (10-1223-01) is intended to be used together with Mercodia Porcine Insulin ELISA (10-1200-01).

06/25/14 Insulin treatment re-establishes metabolic patterns in diabetic pigs

05/28/14 Glucagon levels measured in rodent islets

05/15/14 Newsletter Issue 2, 2014

05/05/14 Combining two technologies may increase the effectiveness of oral insulin

04/10/14 Supplemental diets for cows benefit their performance

04/01/14 Mercodia announces collaboration with Chongqing Zhongyuan Biotechnology Co in China

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