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Mercodia MPO ELISA

Catalog nr 10-1176-01

Immunoassay for quantitative determination of human MPO (myeloperoxidase) in serum or plasma.

Calibrated against a highly purified, fully validated, commercially available MPO preparation.

If controls are needed please contact Mercodia for further information

Format 1 x 96 wells
Sample Serum, plasma
Sample volume 25 μL    
Assay range 3,5 - 200 μg/L    
Detection Limit ≤ 3 μg/L    
Incubation (min) 60+60+15


  • van der Zwan, L, P, Scheffer, P (2011)
    Systemic inflammation is linked to low arginine and high ADMA plasma levels resulting in an unfavorable NOS substrate-to-inhibitor ratio - the Hoorn Study
    Read abstract
  • Metzig, A, M, Schwarzenberg, S (2011)
    Postprandial Endothelial Function, Inflammation, and Oxidative Stress in Obese Children and Adolescents
    Read abstract
  • Lerman, R, H, Desai, A (2014)
    A Phytochemical-rich Multivitamin-multimineral Supplement Is Bioavailable and Reduces Serum Oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein, Myeloperoxidase, and Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 in a Four-week Pilot trial of Healthy Individuals
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Tech note MPO Performance.pdf 2-TN34-0108 Troubleshooting2.pdf 2-TN34-0107 Instruction for test of microplate reader2.pdf 2-TN34-0106 Instruction handwash2.pdf


Poster MPO as a Biomarker.pdf Poster Risk Marker for Atherosclerosis.pdf

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