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Mercodia C-peptide ELISA

Catalog nr 10-1136-01

Immunoassay for quantitative determination of human C-peptide in urine, serum or plasma.

Calibrated against International Reference Reagent IRR84/510 for human C-peptide.


Available Control sets please check in following products:
10-1134-01 Control, Diabetes antigen - Human Low and High (unassayed - US only)
10-1164-01 Control, Diabetes antigen - Human Low and High

Assay Features

Format 1 x 96 wells
Specificity No cross reactivity to insulin or proinsulin
Complete table of cross reactivity
Sample Serum, plasma, urine
Sample volume 25 μl    
Assay range 100 - 4000 pmol/L (0.3 - 12.0 ng/mL)    
Sensitivity 25 pmol/L    
Incubation (min) 60+60+15


  • Rowe, P, A, Kavanagh, K (2011)
    Short-term hyperglycemia increases arterial superoxide production and iron dysregulation in atherosclerotic monkeys
    Read abstract
  • Landberg, R, Andersson, S, O (2010)
    Rye whole grain and bran intake compared with refined wheat decreases urinary C-Peptide, plasma insulin, and prostate specific antigen in men with prostate cancer
    Read abstract
  • Klimek, A, M, Soukhatcheva, G (2009)
    Impaired proinsulin processing is a characteristic of transplanted islets
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  • Walhin, J, P, Richardson, J (2013)
    Exercise counteracts the effects of short-term overfeeding and reduced physical activity independent of energy imbalance in healthy young men
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  • Shyu, J, F, Wang, H (2010)
    Alleviation of hyperglycemia in diabetic rats by intraportal injection of insulin-producing cells generated from surgically resected human pancreatic tissue
    Read abstract
  • Wagner, J, D, Shadoan, M (2010)
    A selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha agonist, CP-900691, improves plasma lipids, lipoproteins, and glycemic control in diabetic monkeys
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Direction for Use (PDF)


2-TN34-0120 Stability of components from opened Mercodia ELISA kit2.pdf 2-TN34-0108 Troubleshooting2.pdf 2-TN34-0106 Instruction handwash2.pdf 2-TN34-0137 Analysis of insulin, C-peptide or proinsulin from acid ethanol extractions from islets, cells or tissue.pdf 2-TN34-0107 Instruction for test of microplate reader2.pdf

Product sheets

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