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Mercodia Mouse Insulin ELISA

Catalog nr 10-1247-01

The Mouse Insulin ELISA was re-optimized and improved during 2010. The kit is still based on the same highly specific monoclonal antibodies with insignificant or no cross-reactivity to C-peptide or proinsulin.


Minimized Sample Volume.
10μL (5 µL*)
Increased Specificity.
Less interference from sample matrix.


*Read more about the handling of 5 µL sample volume in the Technical Note 34-0130




The re-optimization includes a change in the protocol.
Also available as 10 pack 10-1247-10

Format 1 x 96 wells
Specificity Cross-reactivity to rat insulin
Complete table of cross reactivity
Sample Serum, plasma
Sample volume 10 μL    
Assay range 0.2 - 6.5 μg/L    
Sensitivity 0.2 μg/L    
Incubation (min) 120 + 15


  • Rackham, C, L, Chagastelles, P (2011)
    Co-transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells maintains islet organisation and morphology in mice
    Read abstract
  • Wijesekara, N, Dai, F, F (2010)
    Beta cell-specific Znt8 deletion in mice causes marked defects in insulin processing, crystallisation and secretion
    Read abstract
  • Llopis, M, Sanchez, J, Priego, T (2014)
    Maternal Fat Supplementation during Late Pregnancy and Lactation Influences the Development of Hepatic Steatosis in Offspring Depending on the Fat Source
    Read abstract
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Direction for Use (PDF)


2-TN34-0120 Stability of components from opened Mercodia ELISA kit2.pdf TN34-0130 5 ul application Rat:Mouse.pdf Tech note Detection of Human and Mouse insulin in a sample.pdf 2-TN34-0107 Instruction for test of microplate reader2.pdf 2-TN34-0106 Instruction handwash2.pdf 2-TN34-0108 Troubleshooting2.pdf 2-TN34-0134 Cross-reactivity in Rat and Mouse Insulin ELISAs 2.pdf

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